How Dive.Management can help you to manage your employees more effectively?

It's all in the Feeds!

How Dive.Management can assist you in managing your employees more effectively?

Do you have trouble managing you employees and need a tool to help you keep better track? Then just remember this:

Feeds. Feeds. Feeds! It's all in the Feeds!

Dive.Management provides two kinds of feeds: One is the System Feeds, the second is Activities Feeds

The System Feeds contain notifications related to significant changes concerning the system.

On the other hand, the Activities Feed contains all information about all actions taken by users (employees) assigned to the account! Here, you can see information regarding new records, modified data and more!

Hint: You can control the information that appears in the Activities Feed by personalizing the settings in the "Settings/Feed Notifications" section!

So next time you come across any trouble regarding managing your employees, just remember:

Feeds. Feeds. Feeds! It's all in the Feeds!

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