Introducing DM 2.1!

I told ya! Introducing DM 2.1!

Developing such software demands from us-developers being elastic and follow the newest trends in order to satisfy the clients and improve efficiencies.

Did you see the new home page?

Taking care of the customers during the high season might be troublesome. While creating an expedition it is important to choose a suitable boat to amount of divers and dive sites you are planning to dive in. From now on, you can!

Along with boats and it's integration with other sections, another useful function came up. Let's say you want to double-check if there is everything onboard – people, stuff, gear, bottles. Printable list of everything you need to take care of can be automatically generated in Expedition section.

We have noticed that it is useful to be able to add certificates and other documents straight to customer's profile.

It will save your and his time during the next visit.

Striving to minimize the use of traditional methods and digitalize most of the aspects of your work you are facing every day makes us happy.

It is a small teaser what you could expect from new - ! 3.0 version !. I am really EXCITED.

See ya soon.

We will take you to the completely new 3rd level!

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