Introducing DM 2.2!


Faster and more user-friendly - this is the introduction to v2.2!

After inserting a few new options in the Customers Profile such as Language preferences, and adding a few more categories to the PoS system we present to you v2.2!

Let's take a look at the expeditions and courses.

Let's assume that your Dive Center organizes a number of activities - if you do not, surely in the future you will. This means that not only myself but other users need to find simplified solutions to their problems. Together with our clients, we came up the idea of introducing repetitive expeditions.

Now you won't have to sit down in front of the computer on a Sunday evening, creating the same expeditions for the upcoming week. All you have to do is to do it once and the system will create activities for you the day you want according to the template you have designed.

All of that means less time spent in front of the computer and more time available for the things you like to do!

Every day our team works to help you and your team save time and stress!

If you have any ideas, go ahead and let us know!

v2.3 coming soon. Stay tuned!

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