Version 2.0 is heeere!

Version 2.0 is heeere! Uhh, what's a good feeling!

Dive. Management 2.0 brings significant changes to the system, and we have also justified some functions.

The breakthrough for this update was the introduction of Point of Sale, which allows you to record sales at your Dive Center! Integration with Products, Customers, Payments, Invoicing and added convenient Desktop mode.

We are truly happy because this function completes the skeleton of our system! From now on, we are developing existing features and working with Your requests to make system suitable to Your needs.

Thanks to fruitful cooperation with our customers we have also managed to introduce some cosmetic conveniences such as a color editor. Thanks to this feature, you can easily distinguish tasks, individual courses depending on how important they are to you or simply because you like them. What color do you like the most? Select one of the pools over 16,5 million different ones and add some life into your calendar!

Small changes here and there! Week by week system is getting improved.

Do you wonder what's next? 2.1 will come soon. Keep up with the news!

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