What's new in 1.9/1.9.1

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! What's new in 1.9/1.9.1

In order to improve your Dive.Management experience, we have added some new updates to make your work go smoothly!

So what is new in the new Dive.Management 1.9 update?!

2 things: Mailbox and Notifications!

We have added a new mailbox page in order to upgrade the quality of communication between employees and customers through the website!

As for the notifications, you now have a quick and easy notifications shortcut with the new and improved notifications bell icon which has been added to the top bar! Here you can check all your notifications regarding updates, employee and customer news!

It’s all easy peezy lemon squeezy! 

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah yeah easy peezy lemon squeezy. It does make our work a little easier. But what about Dive.Management V1.9.1?! We want more!” 

We’re getting there! We’re getting there! Dun da da dunnn!

Introducing New NEW and Improved! Dive.Management V1.9.1!

Now what exactly do we have here?? 

2 things: New options under the customers tab and Invoice details!

The new options under the customers tab include: Suit size, Height, Weight and Shoe size! You can find and add this information in the Customers Personal Details Tab. 

The second option added describes how the customer heard of you (internet, friend, mail, etc), you can find and add this information in the Customers other tab!

Last but not least, “What is this about invoices you say?” 

Well, we have also added a new option to the Settings in the Account Tab. Here you can add extra details to your invoices, such as more information about your company and its policies, etc in order to make the invoices as clear and easy to understand as possible for both you and your customer (cheers to avoiding any misunderstandings!) .

For more information you can check our FAQ page or the ChangeLog for a simplified version!

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