What's new in 1.9.4

We've been hard at work on our software and last month brought a lot of improvements - we released v1.9.2. and v1.9.3.

These exciting updates included: a Products page, an improved Rental page, and almost 30,000 dive sites were added to the map.

We haven't stopped working and we're excited to tell you about our latest update... Announcing Dive.management v1.9.4!

This update is all about our Servicing feature.

Here's the scoop:

On the Servicing page is where you will handle everything to do with servicing and maintenance of your customers' equipment.

Here you can view, add and edit service requests with a few clicks of the mouse.

Use Check Types to set up multiple labels for the different kinds of tests you offer. With Service Types, you can assign the prices to the different tests.

Adding a new Service Request is so easy, just fill in the blanks.

First you add the service details: set the date, select the customer, assign a technician, assign a discount (if you're feeling generous :) ) and, of course choose the equipment which needs servicing.

Click Check List to select the kind of tests you want to do for each piece of equipment that needs servicing.

Then go to Service to select the quantity of tests that will be conducted. Here you will also be able to view the service pricing.

With the option of draft mode, the Service Request won't be made public until you are ready. This means that until you click "complete", you may edit the request as many times as you need to.

When you publish the request, it will be added to the product history with the last service inspection and you can add a reminder to the Calendar for the next servicing period.

But wait! There's more...

With the Servicing page you can easily document the service specifications. This means you can enter data for the pre-service status of the equipment (i.e. the condition of item upon receipt) as well as the post-service status (what modifications or replacement were made after servicing).

This information will be generated into a PDF file that can be easily sent to the customer.

Other features of the Servicing page include:

  • Specifically created email templates for sending servicing reminders to customers
  • A brief record of previous equipment inspection in the servicing tab in the customer profile
  • A history of servicing of each product is generated on the Product page

As is customary on our website, all of this is connected to your Customer, Payment and Invoicing pages for your convenience.

To find out more about this and previous updates, head on over to Changelog.

At Dive.management we are always at your service :)

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