Who can fill out the customer's profile?!

Now we know, deciding who should fill out the customer’s profile can be a challenge. I mean who is truly highly capable and possesses all the skills to do such a thing?! Dan? No Stan! But what about the customer themselves Anne and Pam?!

No worries! Dive.Management is here to help!

We have a short series of rules which can easily help you determine exactly who will fill out that customer profile!


Now, rule number 1!

For the Freemium subscription, only one option is available, "Data is to be filled in by the company".

This means only your employees, Dan and Stan, can fill out the customer profile. So choose wisely which one!


Rule number 2!

If you have a Premium account, you have two options: Option 1, Dan and/or Stan fill in the customer’s profile. Or, Option 2, the data is filled in by your lovely customers Anne and Pam themselves!

Now, here’s how it works

Select the "Customer" option then you’ll be able to fill in basic data. Then, confirm the data by pressing the "Send Form to the Customer" button. It’s that simple!

The required data will be saved in the system and the customer will receive an e-mail in which they will be asked to complete the rest of their profile.

The message will contain a link to the form, login and password.

The customer will be able to supplement their personal data, such as name, surname, gender, occupation, phone number, etc.

And information about other things such as diving experience and certificates!

As for the customer photo, that will be automatically downloaded from Gravatar (as long as the customer has linked their email address with the Gravatar account of course!)

For more information contact us at customer service! Or look for a more details in our FAQ!

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