How to add a new marker?


You can add a new marker in the configuration section.

Step 1: Navigate the map to find the location you wish to mark. You can move the map by dragging it and/or zooming in and out with the tools at the bottom right.

Step 2: Click the map where you'd like to add the new dive site. Drag the marker pin to the place of the diving site.

Step 3: Find the information section below the map to give your marker a name, set the description, specify the depth, difficulty of diving, define diving profile and choose currents/any other useful information. Once you fill in your information, you can also adjust the longitude and latitude to pinpoint the exact location if needed.

Step 4: Make sure that all have been added correctly then save your changes.

Note: Please make sure all markers added only include verified information as this will be visible to everyone. We are all responsible for providing accurate and truthful information.

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