How to add new course?


To add course, click on the "Add New" button.

In a pop-up window you will see several mandatory fields, i.e. Course Name, Course Date (from / to), Meeting Time, Meeting Place, Price for a Divers, Minimum Divers, Maximum Divers.

The window does not contain information about Non-Divers, as it is only for people who intend to participate in a diving course.

For Premium users, there is also the option of selecting a template from the list drop down bar. If the field is empty, it means that you have not added your templates yet.

After selecting the appropriate Template (optional), wait for the data to be loaded and then confirm the data.

Confirmation of all data from the form is possible after completing all mandatory fields.

You have two options to save your data.

- The first option is to click on the "Add New Course" button, which will save the data and transfer you to the main Courses page.

- The second option is to click on the "Save & Add More Details" button, which will save the data and transfer to the course single page, where you will be able to add more details about the course.

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