How to edit course?


If you are on the Courses main page, click on the name of the selected course to edit the record.

Clicking the link will take you to the details page.

When you open the page, you'll see fields that you have already filled in when adding a course and many additional fields and tabs.

Course Details

The first tab is "Course Details" where you can enter additional fields.

Course Name - Any name that best identifies your course.

Course Date - Contains two fields in which you can specify what day the course will start and what day it will end.

Meeting Time - The time of planned gathering.

Meeting place - A designated place for gathering.

Meeting with - An option in which you can determine which employee will meet students before the course during the meeting.

Initial Price for a Diver - The basic price of the course; Can be predetermined and have a value of zero if you want the price to be the result of all available options.

Max Price for a Diver - The maximum price of the course, which is generated automatically based on Initial Price for a Divers and additional options. This price can not be modified because it is the sum of all options available for a given course.

Minimum Divers - The minimum number of students who can participate in this course.

Maximum Divers - The maximum number of students who can participate in this course.

Employees - Click the drop-down bar of the multiple-choice menu in which you can select all employees who will take part in the course.

Notes - Contains all the information that will be helpful for you for this course.

This field may also contain relevant information about the course for customers.

If you want this information to be sent to customer you have assigned to the course, all you have to do is insert a placeholder - [notes] - in the E-mail Template.

Additional Options

The second tab is "Additional Options". This is a bookmark that gives you the most options when it comes to creating individual offers.

First you should configure your Taxonomies. To do this, go to Configuration and then Taxonomies.

Additional options can be anything you would like students to pay extra, such as meals, accommodation, underwater pictures, etc.

More on this subject in the question "Why do I need additional options?".

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