Why do I need additional options?


The Additional Options tab significantly expands the possibilities of creating comprehensive expeditions, helps keep record of detailed expeditions and will be an essential element for online booking in the future.

If you want to add additional paid services to the price of the expedition, i.e. underwater photography, nitrox, meal and etc., you can add them in Configuration / Taxonomies.

When adding an expedition, you can enter all additional options or only the selected ones that are to be available for a given expedition.

By clicking the "Add" button you create new options. From the list of taxonomies, select the service that you previously created in the Configuration section.

After selecting Taxonomy, the price will appear automatically if it has been previously defined.

Apart from the defined price, when you add an additional option to the expedition you will be able to set a new price.

The price can also be set to zero if the service is free, but this field can not be left blank.

In the last column there is a button which allows you to specify whether the service is for Divers or Non-Divers.


- Let's say that you offer a free meal for scuba divers, and for a person accompanying (Non-Divers) you offer a paid meal.

For this purpose, you should create the appropriate taxonomy in the Configuration section, ex. "Meal".

You can also specify a price that will be suitable for most expeditions.

To add expeditions in the additional options section, press the "Add" button. Then select "Meal" as taxonomy from the drop-down list.

Set the value for Divers, ex. $0 (zero) and set the "Diver" option to active (marked in blue).

Press the "Add" button again to create a new row for Non-Divers.

From the drop-down list, select "Meal" again as taxonomy.

Set the price per meal for Non-Divers, e.g. $10 and leave the "Diver" button as inactive.

This way you create two identical options for two different groups, i.e. Divers and Non-Divers.

It may also happen that someone will not want to pay for a meal; does this mean that customer will not be able to opt out of the additional option?

We thought about everything to give you unlimited possibilities in order to keep your expeditions up-to-date and flexible.

When assigning customers to a given expedition where additional options are defined, you will be able to individually select which options the customer wants to use.

After making an individual choice, the customer will also receive an individual price.

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