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The reports section contains basic charts and information presented in the charts.

In the future, this department will be expanded with very helpful tools for analyzing sales.

Currently, the system provides several charts.

The first tab "Customers" presents data on two charts.

The first chart shows the origin of "Customers", which provides valuable information about the demographics of your customers. This can be used when planning and implementing marketing tactics. The size of the districts marked on the map indicates the number of customers in the area.

The second graph shows the data using bars, which indicate the number of customers in a given year. The last bar is a forecast based on the trends and growth from previous years.

The second tab "Expeditions" presents data on completed expeditions.

The third "Courses" tab presents data about completed courses.

Each chart has the ability to download and save the chart to .png, .jpg, .svg, .pdf, .csv, .xlsx, and .json.

It is possible to print the chart directly and modify it using built-in tools.

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