This section includes options such as: Default Language, Default Country, Default Currency, Theme and Skin.

Default language allows you to display content in your language. Currently, the system is only available in English, but we will provide translation options in the future.

The default country determines which country your company is located and this may affect the operation of other system functions, so be sure that the selected country indicates the correct location.

Default currency is one of the most important options in the system and should be selected at the very beginning before any actions are taken on the system.

Please note: The system uses the Currency API and allows you to convert amounts according to current rates. However, if you first enter data into a database with a value of, for example, $ 1000, then after changing the currency in the database, there will still be a record with the same value of 1000, but already assigned to a different currency. It is therefore important to set your primary currency before any data is added.

Theme allows you to change the layout so the system adheres to your personal preferences. The basic theme is "Dive.Management Lite". Subsequent layouts will appear during future updates.

Skin allows you to change the profile color(s) so that the appearance of the system suits your personal preferences. The default option is "Ocean". New options will appear during future updates.

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