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In this section you can add your warehouses.

This information is needed if you use the Rental or POS section.

The warehouse should also be understood as a shop or diving center. This is the definition of the place where you store your products or equipment.

You can add many warehouses or just one (required).


The table consists of 4 columns.

The first column contains checkboxes, which are used to select several records at the same time, i.e. to delete multiple records at once.

Each checkbox next to the record allows you to select choices only within the selected row.

The checkbox in the header allows you to select/unselect all records at once.

The second column contains the name of the warehouse.

The third column contains the street address where the warehouse is located.

The fourth column contains the city in which the warehouse is located.

The fifth column contains information about the country in which the warehouse is located.


The data presented in the table can be sorted by clicking on the header of a given column, e.g. "Name", "Address".

One click will sort the data according to the selected column from A to Z, and clicking the same header again will sort the data from Z to A.


The "Show" option allows you to increase the range and display more records on one page.

Display all available data by selecting the "All" option.


Below the table on the left is information about the number of displayed data and the number of all records.


Below the table on the right are buttons that allow you to switch between pages.


The search box narrows the results presented in the table, and the keywords entered recognize the words in all columns.


Next to the search box there are 3 icons that allow you to export data from the table.

The first icon allows you to copy data to the clipboard, the second icon exports data to the excel format, and the third icon exports data to PDF format.


Next to the "Delete" button is another icon that allows you to view data in full screen mode.

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